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Knowledge is Power!

At first glance, this site may seem like your everyday cooking blog, but my goal is for it to be much more than that. One thing I want to do is teach through my own experiences, just as Julia Child did in her books and on her television shows. Sometimes the teaching may be subtle, and sometimes it’ll reach out and smack you right upside the head. This is one of those blatant head-smacking posts. Just wanted to give you fair warning.

Don’t you just love learning how things work? After my debacle with the garbage disposal recently, I got to to thinking…how does that thing actually work? Because we can’t really see any of its functioning parts through the drain, it’s kind of a mystery. So I looked it up, and was amazed to learn that it doesn’t work the way I thought it did. I guess I always kind of imagined it to be like a blender, with little blades that slice and dice and send food particles down through the pipes. Not the case! Check out this video:

(Editor’s Note: the environmental slant at the end of the video does not necessarily represent the views of this website. This was just the best explanatory video we could find.)

Speaking of videos, check out my new Video page on this site! Find the tab at the top of the home page and you can see an archive of the cooking videos I’ve created thus far.

You might also like to learn that I’ve added a Contact page. Have something you want to say, but are maybe too shy for the public nature of the comment feature? Send me an email – I promise to check it regularly.

And lastly, have you noticed that for the past week or so, the large photos featured in the slideshow on the home page are less stock images and more ACTUAL images?? These are meals I’ve really and truly cooked – stay tuned for updates.


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2 Responses to “Knowledge is Power!”

  1. Mom says:

    Re. Knowledge is Power: I saw one of those “how things work” shows and apparently garbage disposals are all about centrifugal force. The chopper-upper parts are on the outside of a cylindar, as I recall – however, I am resisting the urge to reach inside and feel for myself.

  2. Margaret says:

    I am actually relieved to find this out… now I am much less scared to put my hand in there to get the odd spoon or peach pit that falls in!

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