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If I Say “Bloody Mary” into the Mirror Three Times, Will Someone Bring Me a Drink?

Me and Ben in 30 Years

Last night I sat in the lobby of one of my favorite hotels, listening to some wonderful live music, having a few cocktails and doing some people watching. We’re taking advantage of the three-day weekend by spending some time relaxing in one of our favorite little get-away spots. After the success of last weekend’s big Rich-Tone show, we’re treating ourselves to a couple’s massage, a few drinks, and a weekend completely free of schedules. No deadlines; no timelines; no calendars and no watches! What time is it? It’s time to kick back and enjoy life day by day rather than minute by minute. And it all began with ordering one of my favorite drinks…a Bloody Mary. 

I always thought of Bloody Mary’s as an older person’s drink, so when my mom ordered one on her birthday cruise this past January, I was surprised. And sort of charmed. (My mom could not possibly, even by the greatest stretch of the imagination, be considered an older lady.) She offered to let me try it, and I was shocked to learn that I loved it! It’s been “our” drink ever since.

Flying home from a recent trip to Florida to celebrate what would have been my grandmother’s 100th birthday (we dubbed the trip “Momapalooza” and had a blast visiting all of her old stomping grounds), we decided to treat ourselves to a Bloody Mary on the plane. (Does anybody do that anymore? I felt so retro!) The flight attendant was feeling especially sassy and not only never charged us for the drinks, but slipped us some extra on the side. Flight + Bloody Mary’s + time with Mom = FUN. Well, for us. Apparently not for the lady across the aisle from us, who audibly shushed us when the arrival announcements came on the P.A. system. (I don’t think I’ve ever been shushed as an adult before – I tried not to take it personally, since she was looking pretty green around the gills for the duration of the flight. Perhaps it was she who needed the double Bloody Mary!) 

Bloody Mary

So now whenever I go to a new bar, and am feeling a little more mellow than a frozen margarita (my real true alcohol love), I like to give the ol’ tomato drink a try. I love when it comes with decorative green olives inside – not only is it like finding the prize at the bottom of the cereal box, it’s like getting a snack and a drink all in one! And this particular hotel lobby bar in this particular get-away spot on this particular weekend makes gooooood Bloody Mary’s. Complete with big fat green olives. 

What has life brought you lately that has seemed overwhelming? What item on your mile-long To-Do list have you been procrastinating? What needs of others have kept you so busy you’ve had to neglect the needs of your own? Here’s what I suggest…stop everything. Put the world on hold. Don’t think about your schedule; don’t think about what’s waiting for you; ignore that nagging feeling telling you that you don’t have time to take a breath. Sit down. Put your feet up. Pour yourself a drink and r.e.l.a.x. Even if it’s just long enough to listen to one song on the radio. I promise, all those other things can wait – they’ll still be there when you’re done having You Time.  

Should you find yourself in my get-away spot, feel free to join me in the hotel lobby for a Bloody Mary – I’ll be the one being shushed by the overly wound-up people around me.


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