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Hungry for Self Confidence?

When I watch an old episode of “The French Chef”, I am just in awe of Julia Child’s camera presence. She’s not poised. She’s not perfect. She’s not even really beautiful (no offense, Jules). So what is it that draws me in? I think it’s the fact that she’s so REAL. She knows who she is, she’s comfortable in her own skin, and it radiates from inside her.
Let’s face it. Julia Child oozes self confidence.

So how does someone like Julia gain that kind of self confidence? Is it the way she was raised? The times in which she grew up?  How did we get from a society that accepted someone like Julia as a role model to a society that considers a size 12 “plus size” and won’t print a magazine cover without airbrushing and running a few photoshop effects? I predict that if Julia Child tried to get her own cooking show today, she’d be turned down – sadly, I don’t think knowledge, talent and skill are enough anymore.

Personally, I’d take Julia Child over a pretty face any day. Not only could the woman cook, but she showed us it was okay to not be perfect. With her, you know that what you see is what you get. I think we could use a little more of that in our society today…don’t you?

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