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Mawage is What Bwings Us Togeva Today

June 23, 2006

Five years ago today, I was reborn. A new name, a new life, a new world of possibilities. I cried tears of sadness to leave the old me behind, and tears of joy to welcome the new me to the world. Five years ago today, I married my very best friend – the love of my life – and, as nauseating as it is, began living a true fairytale. (Of course, somehow my fairytale includes kitchen fires and plumbing back-ups, but hey – to each her own.)

Now, I’m no expert, but five years in and just a handful of arguments along the way, I have to say that marriage is pretty awesome. It’s like a 24-hour slumber party with your best friend – staying up late watching movies, making horrible, messy cookies at 2 a.m., and then lying in bed laughing and talking in the dark when you should be sleeping (of course, there are times when you’ll have to substitute “watching movies” with “paying the water bill” and “making horrible, messy cookies” with “cleaning up cat vomit” – but whatever you do, keep that part about lying in bed laughing and talking in the dark when you should be sleeping). Don’t get me wrong, I know that every day isn’t rainbows and sunshine – there are frustrations and sorrows and heartaches. But the beauty of a marriage is that you’re paired up in a team, so you never have to go through that stuff alone. Pretty brilliant, really!

At the risk of over-simplifying things, I truly believe that any marriage can be successful by following these five easy-to-remember rules (in no particular order):

1.) Maintain Open Communication – yelling and screaming and flinging insults gets you nowhere, and besides, why would you want to hurt someone you love? Instead, a heated debate that ends in a hug (even if that hug is actually a vice grip in disguise) is much more effective.

2.) Keep a Sense of Humor – let’s face it, life is a struggle and at some point you’re going to reach a crossroads where you can either cry about it, or you can laugh about it. And honestly, life is too hard and too funny not to laugh about… and it’s even funnier when your best friend is there to get the jokes.

3.) Pick Your Battles – little whiskers in the bathroom sink are the bane of my existence, but are they really worth arguing over? Not when the tower of dishes in the kitchen sink has been cleaned without my even having to ask. Decide what’s worth a family meeting and what’s worth a smile and kiss on the cheek.

4.) All You Need is Love – you don’t have to always like your spouse (which is good, because there will probably be times when you don’t), but unconditional love is the only way you’ll get through a life together. Take time to fill each other’s love bank – that way, when you have to make a withdrawal because you missed a birthday or forgot to DVR the World Series in HD (*cough cough*), you’ve got more wiggle room before you wind up in the dog house.

5.) Keep Your Promises – for many, it seems, this is easier said than done, but I’m here to tell you that wedding vows are serious business. If you can stick to ’em, there’s nothing you can’t get through. The words are “I do.” So, you know…Do or Do not. There is no try.

And they lived happily ever after.

Oh, and it doesn’t hurt to marry someone who doesn’t like pizza crust…because then you get theirs, too! (Hey, it works for us.) All of this to say, I won’t be cooking any Julia Child recipes tonight. I won’t be cooking anything, for that matter. Tonight, I’m putting on a dress and going out for a nice dinner with my husband – it’s kind of a special day for us, you know. But here’s a little something, just for you:

The Wedding Cake

Happy anniversary to my BFF – I love you to the moon and back!
– Jessica

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3 Responses to “Mawage is What Bwings Us Togeva Today”

  1. Ardeth Blood says:

    Congrats on your 5th!

  2. Margaret says:

    Finally catching up. What fantastic advice… maybe mawage cownsewing advice should be your NEXT blog!!

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