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Letting it Marinate…

Marinating Pork Chops

Because my poor husband had some unpleasant dental work done yesterday, we opted to postpone our pork chop dinner plans until tonight and had soup and leftovers instead. I did go ahead and thaw the meat, and before I went to bed I used Julia’s recipe for Marinade Seche (salt marinade with herbs and spices). It was super easy. All I did was toss some salt, pepper, thyme, ground bay leaf and allspice into a tupperware bowl, mix it around a little and rub it into the sides of the pork chops. I covered them and put them in time-out in the fridge overnight to think about what they had done. When I get home, they’ll be ready for cooking…stay tuned for tomorrow’s review of Cotes de Porc Robert (pork chops braised in fresh tomato sauce).

In other news, it seems my pork chops aren’t the only thing benefitting from a little marinating these days. Have you heard? Looks like Food Network and Uverse have come to some sort of understanding and all of our favorite programs are back on the air. (And there was great rejoicing!) But here’s the BEST part…this couldn’t have come at a better time, because guess what’s happening on the Food Network next week? (No, I haven’t been picked up for my own show…yet.) Are you familiar with a little show called “Throwdown With Bobby Flay”? Next Wednesday, he takes a certain Oklahoma ranch by storm when he challenges the ever-popular Pioneer Woman to a Thanksgiving dinner cook-off!!

I’m so excited I can’t begin to tell you. You can read a little teaser about the show here, and if you know what’s good for you, you’ll tune in (if for no other reason than to check out the sink I told you about). Oh, Ree…if we would only switch places for a day, the adventures I could have!

You, not so much.

– Jessica

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