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And the “Husband of the Year” Award Goes to…

So, I don’t mean to brag, but I think you all should know that I’m married to a pretty awesome guy. Like, amazingly awesome. So awesome, in fact, that his most recent victory warrants its very own post on this quiet little website. Are you ready? The other night, my husband…
(washed the dishes? did the laundry? rubbed my shoulders? Even better!)
…cooked ME dinner!
Hey, when you’ve been a slave to the kitchen for two months, as fun as it can be, it’s nice to have someone else take the reins for a night. So while I knew I had the night off from cooking, the meal itself was a surprise. Even as I napped on the couch with a cat on my stomach and some kind of sporting event on TV, a yummy smell wafting through the house from the direction of the stove, I still had no idea what was on the menu. 

Burger Bites!

And then, in a grand unveiling, it was announced that husband had made Sliders!! (By the way, this term makes us both uncomfortable, so we hereby have dubbed these “Burger Bites”. Isn’t that better?) While that in and of itself is pretty darn terrific, it gets even better…because these weren’t just ANY sliders Burger Bites, my friends. These were PIONEER WOMAN sliders!

The other day, I posted this article about one of my favorite blogger’s website. Husband not only read my post, but actually clicked on the link that took him to her site, where he perused her recipes and found one with which to surprise me. C’mon. That’s pretty stinkin’ awesome.
The burgers were terrific. Not only did they look just like the ones Ree makes, but they tasted even better than I imagined. There was all sorts of hidden surprises in the meat (and I mean “surprises” in a “Hey, worcestershire sauce and cream!” kind of way. Not in a “Hey, where’s the other half of this worm?” kind of way. Ew.) and melted Swiss and mushrooms topped everything off nicely. But the absolute best surprise? Spice Fry Sauce. Read the recipe – it’s all there. Just know that in a pop quiz, I was able to identify all three mystery ingredients (and I mean “mystery” in a “Hey, cayenne pepper!” kind of way, not in a … well, nevermind.) Ben also made a plate full of seasoned fries for us to share, which he knows is my ultimate weakness.
So let’s recap, shall we? Surprise dinner with delicious Burger Bites. French fries. A meal I didn’t have to cook. A husband who loves me and reads my blog. I’ve just stripped myself of all Pouty Points – I’ve got nothing to complain about because life is pretty dadgum good. So the next time I start to whine about something, I’ll stuff a Burger Bite in my mouth and be glad I’m livin’.
Thank you, Husband!
– Jessica
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