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Believe It…Or Don’t!

My inner child is calling out for some fun, so let’s play a game I like to call, “Believe It…Or Don’t!” I’ll show you photos of food, and you tell me what they have in common. Ready? Here we go! 

Mmm...a juicy hamburger

A foot long hot dog!


Ole! A plate of soft beef tacos!

 Any ideas yet? Here’s a hint: the answer is NOT “foods that are bad for you!” Try again!

To me, nothing beats a good BLT!

 Still can’t decide? How about now?  

Finger lickin' good!

The answer is NOT “food you might eat at a picnic”. Give up? Okay, I’ll tell you… 

The above foods are all made out of cake. 

“Believe It…Or Don’t!”

Thanks for playing!
– Jessica

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One Response to “Believe It…Or Don’t!”

  1. No way! I thought you were going to say they were made of Play-Doh or something, but not cake! Yummmmmm cakehamburger.

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