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The Turkey Leg

Yesterday’s fair excursion was great! For some reason, the place was packed, but we were still able to do all the things we love to do. We saw our favorite shows (the Backyard Circus is the best!), ate our favorite foods (a corn dog and a caramel apple – not bad!), and had fun people watching. While walking around, seeing all the families gnawing on big smoked turkey legs, I was reminded of my all-time stand-out fair story.

State Fair Turkey Leg

When I was younger, my family took a trip to the fair and we had a blast. We rode all the rides and played some games and were having a great time. But things took a weird turn when my mom and I were standing in line for one of the tilt-a-whirl rides and the lady in front of us was eating a turkey leg. It came time for her to get on the ride, so what did she do? She stuck that turkey leg in her BACK POCKET and got on the ride!! We couldn’t believe it. But if you think that’s bad, there’s more! We watched as the ride came to an end, the lady went through the exit gate – and took that turkey leg out of her pocket and CONTINUED EATING IT!!

I think it was at about this point when we all looked at each other and decided we were ready to call it a day. Sometimes, you’ve just had all the fun you’re going to have and it’s time to go home.

– Jessica

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