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Geometry Was Never My Strong Suit

Raise your hand if you’ve ever had a completely disfunctional kitchen. You know, the kind where you can’t open the dishwasher if you have the oven door open; the refrigerator can only be opened if nobody is washing their hands at the sink; the cabinet door won’t close if the pantry door is ajar. This was the case in my last apartment – because, let’s face it, generally speaking apartment kitchens are small and there aren’t many options for fitting all major appliances in such a cramped space.

Sometimes space isn’t the issue. Sometimes a kitchen suffers from a simple case of bad design. (Why in the world would a contractor put a dishwasher facing an oven in an adjoining corner of the room??) As it turns out, there’s actually a design phenomenon to avoid such disasters. Have you ever heard of the Kitchen Work Triangle?

The first time I’d ever heard of this was a couple of months ago while reading one of my favorite blogs of all time, thepioneerwoman.com. Mother of four and wife to a rancher, blogger Ree Drummond is constantly cooking up a storm to feed all of her cowboys and punks. If anyone would know how to best utilize the Kitchen Work Triangle, it would be her. Check out her entry here and see how your own kitchen measures up. And then be prepared to spend the next 36 hours being sucked into her world, because her blog is truly amazing.

I’m sorry to say that my own kitchen does not exactly¬†follow the work triangle plan – my oven is on the same wall as my fridge, and my sink is along the perpendicular wall. So I follow more of a Kitchen Work “L”. But honestly? It’s far better than anything I’ve ever had before and it works fine for me. I love my kitchen.

Besides, I never was very good with geometry.

– Jessica

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