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Take a Hike and Hit the Pike!

In a mere four days, I’m headed off to Seattle to attend (and perform at) my annual barbershop convention. I’ve only been to Seattle once, but it has one of my favorite places to visit… the Pike Place Fish Market!

What a selection!

Ever been there? Founded in 1930, the Pike Place Fish Market is an open air fish market located in Seattle, Washington’s Pike Place Market at the corner of Pike Street and Pike Place. While their selection of seafood is outstanding, this place is actually known for its tradition of “flying fish” – when a customer has made their purchase, the fishmongers toss the fish through the air in an entertaining performance before finally wrapping up the meat and sending it on its way.

A quick, inspiring read

I actually first learned about this place when my co-workers and I were required to read the book FISH! Philosophy (an easy read that I highly recommend.) It tells the story about how, after nearing bankruptcy in 1986, the fish market owner and employees decided to change the way they did business. So they introduced their flying fish and began interacting with customers in a new way, and four years later had become world famous. As you’ll see, the store is now a popular tourist attraction in Seattle, entertaining nearly 10,000 visitors a day!

Having read about the fish market, I knew it was a place I wanted to see first-hand, so Ben and I stopped by there on our honeymoon roadtrip. We really got a kick out of the fish market, but what amazed me was how much other stuff there was to see and do in the rest of the Pike Place Market. We purchased a bag of tiny donuts from a man with a stand and took our time walking through the market, admiring all the vendors’ goods. From fresh produce and candied nuts to clothing and jewelry, we spent the morning wandering through the place and admiring the view from the upper level windows.

If you’ve never been to Pike Place Fish Market, and you’re going to be in the Seattle area, I highly recommend you take some time to visit. Allow yourself at least a couple of hours so you can really take your time and enjoy your experience. Where else can you literally catch a fish with your bare hands?

Here’s a sneak peek at the Pike Place Fish Market experience. Go there!


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One Response to “Take a Hike and Hit the Pike!”

  1. Melody says:

    It’s at the top of my list when I get there Sunday!! Can’t wait!

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